Markilux Inspiration For Commercial Shade Solutions

Reduce Energy Costs, Add Space

Markilux commercial shade solutions can keep the sun’s rays from heating your interiors and add valuable exterior space.

Our shade solutions deliver significant benefits to commercial building owners, including government, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, office buildings and more.

Markiliux retractable vertical shades reduce energy use
Markilux Canopies Shade Office Atrium

Vertical Shades

Our exterior vertical shades keep the sun’s rays from ever reaching the interior, reducing energy costs, solar glare, and UV radiation.

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Markilux canopies installed over or under a structure offer flexible, scalable solar control solutions. Shown here, an atrium is shaded from mid-day direct sunlight.

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Markilux 3300 Awning Shades Retail Store Front
Markilux Free Standing Awning at Turks & Caicos Airport


Markilux retractable cassette awnings provide comfort and design aesthetics while reducing interior heat collection. Here, awnings shade a store front.

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Free Standing Systems

Markilux free-standing shade systems, such as this one at an outdoor airport gate, provide comfort, shade and rain protection wherever and whenever needed.

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