Markilux Inspiration For Hospitality Venues

Add Profitable Space

Whether for dining or informal gatherings, guests enjoy comfortable outdoor spaces.

Markilux shade solutions help create profitable outdoor space for the hospitality industry. Engineered to perfection, our solutions maximize space and comfort, day or night.

Hosp Awning
Markilux Free Standing System at Restaurant


Our awning options extend usable outdoor space, help keep interiors cooler and retract fully into sleek cassettes when not needed. Large scale needs can use our Pergola 110 support structure.

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Free Standing Systems

Create comfortable space away from structures that is sun and rain protected. Add integrated lighting and heating for evenings.

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Markilux Canopy Array
Markilux Exterior Window Screens Shade Restaurant


Markilux canopies provide sun protection while enhancing architectural forms. Shown here, an outdoor restaurant with a stunning canopy array.

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Vertical Shades

Our exterior vertical shades keep the sun’s rays from heating interiors or damaging furnishings. Flexible sun control and transparent fabrics to protect views.

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