Markilux Inspiration For Seaside Environments

Elegant Seaside Shade Solutions

The integration of premium design and complete function for seaside living.

Shade, UV protection, glare reduction and enhanced privacy are particularly important for outdoor lifestyles by the water. Explore the complete Markilux portfolio.

Markilux awning with drop down valance
Markillux Syncra Uno Free Standing Shade Structure


Sun protection that fully retracts into elegant cassettes, drop-down valances, integrated lighting, anti-corrosion finishes—even the world’s only stainless steel awning designed for harsh seaside environments.

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Free Standing Systems

Create pleasant, shaded environments away from structures with a free standing system. Our Planet model can even rotate as the sun moves.

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Markilux 8800 Canopy with Pergola 110 support structure
Markilux 869 Exterior Vertical Shade


Markilux canopies provide shade over or under existing structures such as a skylight, pergola, arbor or trellis to make outdoor space enjoyable throughout the day.

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Vertical Shades

Exterior vertical facade shades keep the sun’s rays from ever reaching the interior, reducing energy costs, solar glare, and harmful UV radiation on interior surfaces.

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Markilux 790 Side Shade

Side Shades

A stylish retractable side shade helps manage late afternoon or early morning sun and wind. It also can enhance privacy.

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