Markilux 5010

Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning Markilux M5010 Retractable Cassette Awning

The Markilux 5010 is classic–slim, strong and stylish with elegant contours. Its delicate design belies its built-in strength, with powerful arms that deliver a taut cover over large widths and extensions. There are many customizable features to personalize the M5010 to your precise needs.

The Markilux 5010 Awning

  • Custom made to the precise dimensions of your project
  • Arms and cover fully retract into cassette for protection, superior aesthetics
  • Attractive mounting brackets—superior design in every detail!
  • Available in 8 standard cassette colors and 162 custom colors
  • Premium High-Tech Fabrics in hundreds of color selections


  • Maximum width of a single unit is 23′
  • Minimum width is 8.2′
  • Maximum extension is 13.1′
  • Minimum extension is 4.9′
  • Two or three units may be coupled for a combined maximum width of 69′

M5010 Cassette Awning with Chrome Trim
M5010 Cassette with Chrome Trim

Use our Dynamic Awning Calculator to determine the ideal configuration of your awning for installation height, extension, headroom at full extension and pitch angle at which the awning declines.

The M5010 combines superior strength, elegant design, and complete customization, making it one of the world’s premier shade solution.

Product Features

  • Cassette is drop-forged and extruded aluminum
  • 85 mm roller bar ensures taut cover at all extensions
  • All components and screws are corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Twin steel link chains at the elbow joints
  • For added style, chrome strips at the end caps can be added
  • Cassette and frame are powder coated for long lasting beauty
M5010 Installation
Options and Operation

Markilux Drop Down Shade-Plus Valance

ShadePlus Valance

ShadePlus Valance drops from front profile up to 8.25′ for completely customized shading, added privacy and protection from sun and wind.

Markilux 990 with optional bionic tendon

Bionic Tendon

Our exclusive bionic tendon provides friction-free and noiseless operation over 50,000 openings.

Markilux 5010 Awning with Wall Sealing Profile

Wall Sealing Profile

A wall sealing profile with a rubber/aluminum strip eliminates the gap between awning and wall for a more finished look and added protection.

Vibrabox Wind Sensor

Wind Sensor

Vibrabox wind sensor retracts awning in high wind for maximum safety.

Markilux Remote Control Operation

Operating Options

Remote control operation, hard-wired operation to a switch, or manual operation (standard).

Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Our special anti-corrosion treatment is applied before the powder coating to all components—brackets, arms, rails, cassettes. It is recommended for all installations in harsh environments and within a half-mile of the ocean.
The M5010 is offered in the following standard colors. In addition, the cassette may be custom colored in 162 Dupont RAL colors (delivery times extended). An optional decorative chrome end cap may be added.
M1600 Traffic White Cassette
  • Traffic White
  • Off-White Textured
  • Metallic Aluminum
  • Stone Grey Metallic
  • Anthracite Metallic
  • Havana Brown Textured
  • Grey Brown
  • Light Ivory
Markilux offers a complete range of premium, high-tech awning fabrics for the M5010 in an unmatched range of colors. Each of our awning fabrics meets the highest standards for UV Protection, Color Fastness and Weather Resistance. For commercial installations, we can provide awning fabrics that meet the strictest US and Canadian fire codes.

sunsilk logo b

Sunsilk Nano-Clean, in 77 colors, is a silky, polyester fabric that is self-cleaning, has superior color brilliance and luminescence, and a low winding circumference for durable beauty. It is quick drying, resistant to dirt and grease, color fast, UV resistant and provides superior sun protection.

Markilux Sunvas Awning Fabric

Sunvas Nano-Clean, in 134 colors, is a breakthrough technology from Markilux. It offers all of the performance benefits of Sunsilk SNC but with a soft, velvety feel and texture perfect for the North American lifestyle. Sunvas also provides a gentle and appealing luminosity.

Visutex Awning Fabric

Visutex, in 50 colors, provides a uniquely textured appearance produced from blended color fibers and a vividly textured weaving technique. It is produced in both Sunsilk SNC and Sunvas SNC styles and maintains all of the performance characteristics of these fabrics.

Sunsilk Perla FR Awning Fabric

Sunsilk Perla FR, in 11 colors, is Sunsilk fabric with a special coating that renders it waterproof and fire retardant (meets European fire standard). Its matte white underside allows for a pleasant, light atmosphere in the evening. It is a desirable option for any waterproof awning, especially with pitched awnings, or horizontal awnings with guttering systems and gap cover profiles.

Sunvas Perla Awning Fabric

Sunvas Perla, in 14 colors, has all of the performance characteristics of Sunvas, but adds a transparent coating to make it waterproof and impervious to the effects of weather. Sunvas Perla offers exceptional UV protection, weather protection and beautiful look and feel.

Soltis 92

Soltis 92, in 74 colors, is a woven polyester cloth with a PVC coating. It is micro-aerated to block heat and glare while maintaining exterior views and some natural light. It is ideal for use on canopies and window shade solutions.
Detailed information about the M5010 is available below, along with brochures for our full awnings collection and fabrics.

Markilux 5010 Awning Specification Guide

M5010 Specification Guide

CAD Files

M5010 CAD Files

Installation Instructions

M5010 Installation Instructions

M Awnings Brochure

Awnings Brochure


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