Markilux 8800 Canopy Markilux 8800 Canopy Shade Over Steel Trellis Markilux 889 Canopy Under Steel Structure Markilux 889 Canopies For Large Scale Shade Markilux 880 Canopy with Companion Vertical Shade Markilux 780 Canopy Over Hotel Restaurant

Stylish and sturdy for solar and weather protection for large areas, a Markilux canopy elegantly enhances a sunroom, trellis, pergola, arbor or other structure—style, comfort, safety and energy savings, too. Flexible options, complete customization and German engineered to last.

  • Fully retractable into sleek cassettes
  • Options for both over and under structure
  • Extensions up to 14′
  • Widths up to 23′, multiple units can be coupled
Markilux Canopies

8800 cassette closeup

Markilux 8800

A clean contemporary rounded cassette harmonizes with angular guide tracks, the M8800, ideal for large areas, can also be used with our Pergola 110 support structure.

Markilux 889 Canopy Cassette

Markilux 889

The M889 is designed to be installed under a structure. It’s elegant tear-drop cassette is only 4″ high, perfect for a sunroom or skylight.

Markilux 780 Canopies

Markilux 780/880

The cassette for the M780/880 is elegant but strong, and is offered in either a rounded or square design. Ideal for smaller areas, inside or out.