Close up of sunsilk nano clean effect

Markilux Products Wear the World’s Finest Fabrics


Markilux is the worldwide leader in the manufacture of technically superior, high-performance, premium awning and shade fabrics. Each of our fabrics is woven on our own state-of-the-art weaving mills and meticulous quality control guarantees an unmatched degree of perfection.

Our extensive line includes hundreds of colors, including the largest offering of neutral solids ideal for the North American market.

  • Self-cleaning technology
  • 100% polyester fabrics are thinner, smoother, lighter and longer lasting than acrylics
  • Superior UV blockage (50+ UV ratings)
  • Extraordinary color brilliance and luminosity
  • Highly lightfast to retain color brilliance
  • Waterproof, fire retardant and transparent fabric options
Fabric Collections

Sunsilk SNC

Self-cleaning, nano-technology, high color brilliance, 77 colors

Sunvas SNC

Self-cleaning, nano-technology, textured look and feel, 134 colors


Self-cleaning, nano-technology, unique textured weave, 50 colors

Sunsilk Perla FR

Self-cleaning, nano-technology, waterproof, fire retardant, 11 colors

Sunvas Perla

Self-cleaning, nano-technology, waterproof, 14 colors

Sunvas Transolair

Self-cleaning, nano-technology, partially tranparent for views, 15 colors


Highly light and heat resistant, partially transparent, 9 colors

Vuscreen ALU

Light and heat resistant, partially transparent, 16 colors

Soltis 92

Micro-aerated for transparency, heat resistant, 74 colors