Markilux 8800 Canopy Installed Over Steel Trellis

M8800 Canopy on Hamptons Trellis

This stunning Hamptons home added two custom 20′ x 18′ steel trellis structures. Markilux North America worked closely with the architect, builder and dealer BDS Blindtek to install two M8800 canopies that are perfectly integrated and color-matched to the steel structure.

The M8800 canopies are tucked perfectly into the steel trellis. The installed fabric, Sunsilk Visutex, is a solid with a subtle and pleasant visual texture. Each of the four canopies is supported by a sturdy cover support tube to ensure a taut cover at these large widths and extensions.

Every detail was customized for a completely custom final installation—even the bolts are color matched!

Close up of M8800 Canopy Integrated with Steel TrellisClose up of canopy integration with steel trellis

Markilux 8800 Canopy Installed over Steel Trellis
View from under Markilux 8800 Canopy