Markilux 8800 Canopy Array at Bel-Air Hotel

Canopy Array at Hotel Bel-Air Restaurant

The Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles wanted to create an elegant and unique year-around outdoor dining experience for the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. The space called for the feel of a Spanish courtyard, with private alcoves overlooking Swan Lake. The need was for a stylish architectural shade solution to create the desired atmosphere while complementing the high-end dining experience.

Markilux worked with Architects from the Rockwell Group (NY), Designers HLW International, LLP (Santa Monica, CA) and Morley Builders (Santa Monica, CA) to design and install a stunning M8800 canopy array over a custom structure designed by the architectural team.

The four large coupled canopies are installed in a unique back-to-back arrangement to provide shade over the expansive outdoor seating area. The sleek cassettes of the Markilux 8800 are colored to match the support structure. A special fire-resistant fabric was supplied. The fabric fully retracts into the cassettes when not needed for shading to ensure many years of elegant performance.

Markilux 8800 Canopy over Wolfgang Puck Restaurant outdoor seating

Close up view of Markilux canopy array