Markilux 6000 Awning with Shade-Plus valance at Rosewood Hotel

M6000 at Rosewood Hotel Restaurant

The Rosewood Hotel in Menlo Park, CA contacted Markilux North America to discuss how shade solutions could help their Madera Restaurant maximize the comfort of guests, take advantage of views and the outdoor patio space, and reduce cooling costs for the indoor restaurant.
After carefully evaluating the requirements, it was decided to install coupled M6000 retractable awnings with a ShadePlus Valance. The awnings provide shade coverage 46′ wide with an 11′ extension. In addition to providing shade for diners on the patio, the awning eliminates direct sunlight on the restaurant windows to reduce interior heat gain and protect furnishings.
Facing southwest, as the sun went down the restaurant remained exposed to bright, hot sunlight. The addition of a remote-control operated drop-down ShadePlus valance was the perfect solution to provide comfort for all diners, indoors and out. When not needed, the M6000 retracts fully into its stylish cassette that blends seamlessly with the building’s decor.
Dining Area at Rosewood Hotel shaded by Markilux 6000 Awnings
ShadePlus Valance on Markilux 6000 Awning at Rosewood Hotel