Markilux 8800 Canopies Over Coastal Trellis

M8800 Canopy On Coastal Deck Trellis

With an intent to create a long-lasting space from which to enjoy this oceanside setting, where sunshine can be invited in or not, and mist and rain can be kept off the deck, the architect and owner turned to M8800 canopies designed into a custom trellis.
Each of two canopies is 16′ wide by 12.25′ extension with metallic stone grey cassettes treated with anti-corrosion protection. The Sunvas self-cleaning fabric is perfect to resist blowing sand and salt. The Tracfix System eliminates the gap between the fabric and guide rails.
The cassettes are mounted away from the house, extending toward it. Accommodations for rain and ice expansion and drainage were made. A dado in each cedar pergola cradles the cassette as low as possible, and custom flat brackets carry the guide rails as low as possible to the structure.

Markilux 8800 Canopies Retracted over Trellis