Markilux Syncra 2 Freestanding Awning at Turks & Caicos Airport

Syncra 2 Freestanding at Turks & Caicos Airport

In designing the passenger departure lounge at the outdoor Providenciales International Airport in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean, the architect needed a shade solution to match the scale required and durability in a marine climate.
The Syncra is made of galvanized steel for superior strength and rust and corrosion protection in a marine climate. The four Markilux 6000 awnings attached to the Synra 2 support structure are fully retractable into stylish cassettes, which protect the mechanisms and fabric when retracted to ensure a long life. The coupled units provide shade over the entire 45’6″ length and 12′ width of the passenger lounge.
The larger diameter steel rollers ensure the fabric does not sag over the length of the installation. The awnings are set with a 15° pitch to allow water runoff during frequent rain showers. Automatic wind sensors were installed with adjustable sensitivity so the awnings retract automatically in strong winds but not in the normal trade winds, maximizing passenger comfort without sacrificing safety.

Markilux Syncra 2 Installation at Turks & Caicos Airport