Dynamic Awning Calculator

Quickly and Easily Configure Your Awning Installation

The dynamic awning calculator below enables you to determine the ideal configuration for your retractable awning’s installation height on the wall/roof/soffitt, desired extension, headroom at extension, and pitch angle at which the awning extends (note: a pitch angle of 14º or more is required for water to run off of an extended awning).

Select the awning model of interest, then select values for any three of the data fields below. The calculator will calculate the fourth field for you. You can save a set of data, then enter additional sets of data. When complete, you may print your data sets. By experimenting with various combinations, you can easily arrive at the ideal configuration for your awning.

For example, if you know you want an 8′ extension, a 14° pitch angle for water runoff, and 7′ of headroom at extension, then the calculator will tell you how high the awning needs to be mounted on the wall.

Step 1: Select Awning Model


Step 2: Define Awning Project Measurements (Define 3, calculate the 4th)

Mounting Height:
Pitch Angle: