To help you identify, specify, and install the perfect Markilux shade solution, there is an abundance of detailed information just a click away. You may download product brochures, specification guides, CAD files or other information of interest. And our professional sales and support team is ready to help the design and build community at any time.

Note: Markilux product information displays metric measurements. The following conversion formulas may be helpful while using this information:

  • # cm ÷ 2.54 = # inches (1 cm = .3937 inches)
  • # cm x .0328 = # feet

Note: not all electrical accessories in the documents are available in North America due to requirement of 220V current.


Markilux Awnings Brochure

Patio & Balcony Awnings Brochure

Markilux Free Standing Systems Brochure

Freestanding, Pergola, Side Shade Brochure

Markilux Vertical Shades, Window Awnings and Canopies Brochure

Vertical Shade, Canopies, Window Awnings Brochure


Markilux Planet and RS-1 Brochure

Planet and Pavilion RS-1 Brochure

Markilux World of Colors Awning Fabric Brochure

World of Colors Fabric Brochure