ShadePlus Valance

Markilux ShadePlus Valance with transparent fabric Markilux Pergola 110 large scale awning with drop-down valance Markilux 6000 Awning with retractable valance Close up of Markilux ShadePlus Valance dropping from front profile Markilux 6000 Awning with drop-down ShadePlus Valance
The awning within an awning, our innovative ShadePlus Valance allows complete customization of your shade solution throughout the day and throughout the year.
The ShadePlus Valance is an independent vertical shade hidden discreetly in the front profile of the awning. It drops, either manually or by remote control, to the precise length required, up to 8.25’. Any Markilux fabric can be used for the ShadePlus.


The ShadePlus Valance can be ordered on the following Markilux awnings: